Windwalker monks and Legion

So... blizz.You don't like us doing AoE, You don't like us doing ST and you don't like our legendaries/tier-sets.Why do you bother still having us in the game? Nerf and change after change, nothing new just stupidity. We are bottom last on DPS and were Ok-good in AoE and now suddenly we are getting single target and AoE nerfs?The 10% Buff to some mainspells Isn't a buff, It's to try and compensate for the changes and nerfs and In most scenarios fails to do. Right now, we are looking at Neutral ST and nerfed AoE compared to 7.2 or Nerfed ST and nerfed AoE.It's pretty sad, I and many really like the spec and the way It plays with Hit-combo and many other flavours It knows. There has been 0 communication with windwalkers and dev's, not on reddit not on social meda and not even on their own forums for christ's sake!Right now we are looking to deal 200-300k less DPS ST than middle-pack DPS's and let's not even talk about Top tiers (looking at you, buffed Dh 2 button class)I might've written this small essay out of pure salt and disbelieve, but really blizzard? What the actual fuck.Brewmaster Isn't even that solid, really REALLY depended on the player being exceptional to even be OK and mistweavers still meh, but for some reasons received damage buffs...? as healer...? I get that you should be able to do some open-world stuff but man did that hurt reading the patch notes.Oh well, maybe we'll see buffs maybe we'll not, But It's certainly fun being lowest DPS for the entire expansion paired with having issues in sense of bugged abilities! (don't forget about the fake tooltip on our artifact ability, doesn't even state that It deals less damage on other targets and capped at 5).Goodnight all... been a salty night. FeelsBadManEDIT: Thanks for all the replies people, It clearly shows that I'm not alone! Let's hope Blizzard actually does something about it.... or atleast gives us acknowledgement.EDIT EDIT: Here a quick Sim between the available (good APL's)