Wowhead KILLING Google Chrome

For the last couple months, wowhead has been borderline unusable. It takes a ton of processing, takes forever to kill a tab it is open in, and is just absolutely infuriating.I thought perhaps it was because I had adblock enabled, but I disabled adblock for it and took a look at chrome's console, and it was just as bad. I'm happy to keep adblock off on websites I constantly use to help them out, but not when the website is this frustrating to use. Here's a snippet after watching it go crazy for a few minutes: requests just idly staring at a static page for a few minutes isn't reasonable for any kind of website. And it was nonstop going up at a constant rate, I just happened to get bored watching it at that point.Has anyone found a solution to this?At this point I'm simply hoping wowdb catches up to them in terms of functionality so I can flat out switch.