A shower thought theory on what will happen to the artifact weapons on Argus, and how it will lead to the next expansion

Incredibly unreasonable and cheesy, don't try to make any sense of this, I may or may not be drunk while coming up with thisSo after we kill ol' KJ, we get ported on Argus in one of those legion star destroyers. Set up camp, Dadgar sits there and make dad jokes, Illidary tells people how much they sacrificed, Illidan and Maiev try really hard not to spontaneously bang each other. While we go around kill demons and collect some new artifacts.Eventually, in an scenario, big boss Sarg comes home, and is all like "WTF is this"We are like "yo, check out all this cool shit we have"And Sarg cast some spell and we still get rekt, lets be real, there are only a few powerful weapons lore wise (Specter of Sarg is probably the strongest one, and it only contains a tiny bit of Sarg's power) the rest are bullshit fillers (like Long John Dickweed's pirate sword, seriously, how are rogues even surviving lorewise)But maybe the artifacts have enough power to stop us from getting one shot, and we retreat and hide like the scrubs we are. Then Velen, priests can try to get Naaru to help, and Knifu can pitch in an idea: The artifacts together is probably not enough to destroy Sarg, but it may be enough to rip a temporary rift, to briefly allow some of the voidlord's power to come in our universe and fight sarg, and with Azeroth's heroes, Naaru, void stuff we may kill Sarg, and can live to worry about the void another dayThe final raid battle is to basically fend off Sarg's attack until they finish the ritual, then final cutscene:Sarg is winning, then we sacrificed all the artifact, a massive dimension rift opens, just when we are prepared for a final fight, huge ass tentacles burst out of the void and grabs Sarg, Sarg struggles but eventually gets ripped to shreds, mean while a deep voice from the void says "you did well Xal' atath"This corresponds to how much more powerful voidlords are compared to the leigon (and why Sarg was so scared of them), and also because the artifacts are relatively weak and letting void lords in to our universe takes a lot of energy, the void lord is only have a couple minutes to do stuff before the rift closesAfter he kills Sarg, he tries to reach out and corrupt more things, but a Naaru (preferably Xer'a cus I'm really getting tired of her shit now, and she is probably the most powerful one too) sacrifice her self to damage the void lord a bit, just enough to stall until the rift runs out of energy and closes againIllidan assumes control of the remaining legion forces on Argus, with the presence of the voidlord is felt in our universe, old gods on every planet feels the opportunity has arised to openly corrupt other things (especially now one their greatest enemy, Sarg is dead), and when we return to Azeroth, Nzoth's army fully invades from the depth and that's the next xpac.Oh, we also get to see Aszhara with tentacles ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)