Blizzard, please remove the deserter debuff from Invasion scenarios

Last night, I finished the Invasion quests with 5 minutes to spare on alt #34523423, my last alt. I get into the Invasion scenario in Highmountain and after two minutes, I get booted.I looked at recount to see the names of the two players and both of them are on my server. I whisper them both to ask why they booted me. Maybe I inadvertently did something without realizing it. No response.Most likely, these guys were trolling.In addition to getting booted from the scenario with only a few minutes remaining on the invasion, I received a 30 minute deserter debuff.Luckily, the Invasion remained long enough after the timer counted down to 0 that my deserter debuff wore off and I was able to get back into the scenario before it despawned.It's a shitty thing when players can troll each other in this manner.