Hey, I'm the guy who made the No Thunder Totem Map addon. Thanks to your feedback, I've updated it with customisable Order Hall zooming-out, as well as other features.

Hey again! Thank you all so much for all your feedback and kind words on my original post, where I released No Thunder Totem Map.A lot of your feedback had some great ideas for additions to the addon, but I thought instead of updating the original, I would keep it lightweight and create a new, fleshed-out addon instead. So, here it is.Legion Map ZoomerFeatures:Zooms out of Thunder Totem world map to the Highmountain map automatically (default: enabled)Zooms out of Dalaran world map to the Broken Isles map automatically (default: disabled)Choose to zoom out order halls to Broken Isles, Dalaran or Default. Customisable globally or by order hall (Default: All to Broken Isles)Zoom out Broken Isles instances to their Instance Zone, Broken Isles, Dalaran or Default/None. Customisable by all dungeons & all raids. (Default: All to Instance Zone)Screenshot of the options menu. Type "/lmz" to access, or go through your Interface > AddOns menu.And, in case it's not already clear, yes, the order hall zooming works with the Paladin hall :)Someone also mentioned on the last thread that they wished the source was visible. Although you can go into your Interface folder and simply open the .lua file, I decided to also create a GitHub project. Feel free to leave feedback on there too.Thanks again for your incredible kind words and feedback on the original addon. To the six of you who gifted me gold, I am incredibly humbled and grateful.Enjoy!