How big is Sargeras: A calculation

First, we assume that this Planet is about the size of Azeroth.Now we have to calculate what size our Planet actually is. Luckily, we know from the book "Day of the Dragon" that it took Rhonin about 7 days by Horse to get from old Dalaran to Hasic, which is located on the eastern shore between Plaguelands and Hinterland.Assuming that the average Speed he travelled is 20km/h and he took 6 hours a day for eating and sleeping (he was in a hurry) then it took him 126 hrs of pure travel time, which would be 2520km. This would only be the case if it was a straight line, which it certainly wasnt. So we substract 520km.So we have a 2000km long straight line from Dalaran to Hasic. We assume now that the map we have is the entire Azeroth (there are theories that it also has a "backside" but since nothing is confirmed we go with this) This line fits into the Azeroth Map about 7,66 times (from North to South) which gives us a circumference of 30640km (thanks to /u/RussetReynard for pointing out that you have to double the 7,66) or a diameter of 9753km. On a side note, this is about 6277km bigger than the moon (and bigger than Pluto)Now if we assume that Sargeras is as big as the planet in the picture above, he is about 9753km tall. To put this into perspective, I have measured the nail on my pinky, which is about 1cm tall and 0,8cm wide with an body height of 180cm. If we convert this to Sargeras size, his fingernail would be 433m² big.This is 304 football fields (Edit: No its not, its not even one field. I really fucked up the calculation and I am still not sure if its correct now)