I think it's time for blizzard to start combining servers

I think it's time for blizzard to start combining servers, I'm not talking about making same servers be together within cross realm systems, I'm literally talking about just straight up deleting servers from the list and making there only be like 20 overall servers.I have like 9 characters on Zenedar, 8 on Stormreaver they're all 80-100s and I'd love to play them, but the servers are just way too dead for me to enjoy playing those characters.Nobody is honestly gonna pay 25€ to change ALL their characters to a server when you have so many alts that you'd wanna move too, especially when they just even rose the price from 20€ to 25€.Once you move your main from a server with 8 other characters, the alts are simply gonna just die and rarely be played....The servers would be so much better if they were populated and only a bunch of them to choose from instead of like 50 servers that are low and like 3 that are high..