I've been thinking about the Tears of Elune.

I can't stop thinking about the Tears of Elune line with Illidan. Since we know that Xera is a Naaru, and Light's Heart came from her, but Elune's magic opened it, then Elune must be a naaru, right? On top of that, we have Velen having his discussion with Tyrande about how the Naaru are like Elune, and Tyrande gets super defensive. Why would she get so defensive?Because Malfurion was taught by Elune's son, who knows Elune is a Naaru, and he told Malfurion and now Tyrande, ever Malfurion's bitch, has been tasked with keeping it a secret, so in reality her defensiveness wasn't a way to tell Velen no, it was a way to tell Velen 'You are onto something but if I say anything Malfurion will further defeminize me in his endless quest to turn the Kaldorei into a patriarchy and I am barely holding on, please expose the truth and get help for me'.Plus it would be super blasphemous to just admit that a big ol' stag gave the stag-dick to a Naaru. Like I'm pretty sure the Naaru would Light-bomb Darnassus like some kind of Holy Crusade on Theramore, as if Garrosh were a paladin and he commanded his other paladins to blow up Theramore on suspicion it was harboring Scourge.I mean, Garrosh's entire storyline is basically Arthas 2.0, just with old gods in place of the Scourge.But here's the real problem, we don't know who Garrosh's Jaina is. Sure, there's Zaela, but she's a bitch and we murdered her. So since he's Arthas 2.0, there has to be a mistress of Garrosh's that we saved and we just didn't know it. My theory: Garrosh was actually in love with Ji. He was having Ji executed because, much like the Sith of Star Wars, Ji was his last weakness.This is why, in the Monk order hall, we can see Ji and Aysa living together but no signs of the romantic relationship both had previously wanted - Aysa knows, and she's only living with Ji to keep his shameful secret. Soon Ji's going to start doing crazy things.This will coincide with Sylvanas' discovery in what remains of Garrosh's personal effects, of his letters to Ji, which will be the set up for a storyline in the next couple of expansions.Once Ji is brought up to par with Jaina, one of them will have to die, the franchise can't support both of them.It will be Jaina, and she'll die to save Khadgar, who will be thrown into a rage and try to assault Kil'Jaeden headon. So much powerful magic clashing will tear the fabric of reality and send Khadgar hurtling through space to slam into the Army of Light, where we'll meet a beautiful elven woman, who turns out to be Elune, thus confirming that Elune is not actually a Naaru and rather, is the mother of the Naaru, and the Naaru are what happens when a Wisp grows up.