Massive shoutout to Raidbots! Making simming easy.

You are coping really well with the influx of new users from MMO Champion and such. Seems the website is even going faster!Our friends over at Raidbots have put together an easy-to-use web-based UI for SimulationCraft that runs on powerful servers. It lets you do lots of comparisons, such as:Stat Weights - Generate weights and Pawn strings for your characterGear Compare - See if that new item is better, check out legendary combinations, and moreTalent Compare - Set up various builds and see which is best for different types of fightsRelic Compare - Sensing a pattern yet?Top Gear - Find the best combination of gear from your bags.Advanced - run any SimulationCraft input, also works with addons like SimPermut, SimcTrinketComparisonAll of the features above can export the SimC input so you can run and modify on your own local copy of SimCThe biggest challenge with SimulationCraft is that it has a learning curve, can require quite a bit of fiddling to get set up the way you want it, and is incredibly hungry for CPU power. Raidbots attempts to make it easier to do the more common tasks and run simulations on powerful servers.For those who don't know what it is.It's been advertised a few times here, but seems to really be hitting their stride now and working very well with an influx of people (over 100 in queue at some stages!)