Reversal of recent "RBG" ban

My account was recently caught in the last ban wave a few days ago. I put in several tickets and they were closed and I was told I was in the wrong. Well just a few moments ago I received an apology email. So I encourage those that were mistakenly caught in the last wave to continue making tickets. As part of our ongoing effort to combat exploitation and abusive behavior, Blizzard recently closed a World of Warcraft license on this account.To apologize for this, we will be providing you with 30 days of compensation.After performing an additional review of the evidence considered in this action, we've determined that this closure was an error. We are reopening this license for play and hope you will accept our sincere apologies for the mistake.It is our mission to make a fun and safe environment for all players, and we are truly sorry that we affected your experience in this fashion. We are always refining our processes and we will learn from this experience as we continue in our ongoing efforts.We look forward to your safe return to the game, and thank you for your patience and understanding.