[Spoilers] The Lich King's original candidate of the 4th Horseman made more sense than it seemed.

Still putting a spoilers tag for people who may not know.So, Tirion Fordring died at the Broken Shore and Lich King Bolvar told us to go rez him and make him a Death knight so he could become a horseman.People cried foul and said this was the point where Bolvar turned heel and that the Death Knights became inexcusably evil.But, Tirion was willing to take the Helm of Domination to become the new Lich King after Arthas's death.https://youtu.be/qAIrj_Vqdfc?t=1m22sTirion was someone who would put Azeroth above himself any day. He felt that he should hold the burden to be jailor of the dead. This was the last time Bolvar saw him, conflicted on damning himself or another.And when we went to Light's Hope chapel, it was the light that intervened, which has been established as coming or emitting from the Naaru, celestial beings but not Gods. This wasn't a miracle or Tirion's wishes, but only meddling from a more powerful and fallible beingNow, anything beyond that is fan speculation and we'll have to see how the new Lich King's story will play out. My personal thoughts is that Bolvar wanted someone to take him out if the Helm take over, who best than a Death Knight who understands the power of the Light.But either way; Tirion may not have held any personal grudges to being reanimated as a Death knight to continue the fight for Azeroth.