The kindness of a guild mate that I'll never forget.

Hello /r/WoW,I've been playing World of Warcraft since I was 13 years old in 2005, while my dad has been playing WoW since launch. He mains a Tauren Prot Warrior and has done so since the beginning.Last year, I was able to save up to buy myself a gaming computer. Nothing over the top (GTX 970, i5 6600k, 16GB of Ram), but enough where I wouldn't have to upgrade in the near future. Unfortunately, my dad's computer was anything but a gaming machine; he was lucky to get 10 fps on low sometimes. While this was happening, he continued to play the game to the best of his abilities, but as many of you know, playing the game on settings that low with that low of framerate can be a hassle, especially when you're the main tank.I, myself, rarely raided that much as I felt I was a hindrance more than a help, but my dad raided all the time when he could.A few months ago, as I was about to log off, I got a message from one of my guild mates asking about my dad's computer issues. I told him I was saving up to buy him one as a surprise, but he surprised me himself. He asked for my address and he'd send his old computer that he just upgraded. It was everything I wish I could have gave him with my savings.He sent it out on a Tuesday and it arrived Wednesday morning at 8:30. The computer had 16GB of ram, an i7 processor (I cannot remember which one), a GTX 750ti and 500GB of storage. Bare in mind, my dad's old storage was 100GB, so this was a huge upgrade. I was floored with the generosity, especially since I had never met the guy or talked to him that much, personally, but my dad had been playing with him for 10 years.When my dad came home, he was surprised by what was there; a brand new computer for him to finally play any game he wanted and the game that he's loved for ten years. I was able to buy him a new monitor to go along with the computer and he's been the happiest he's ever been. He's playing the game on High/Ultra and it's honestly a different game.The kindness of a complete stranger made my dad happy with his gesture. He deserved that after everything he's sacrificed for me and every other member of his family. Now he can play his favorite game without issue, and seeing him happy makes me happy.