Why everyone so quiet?

[Death Knight Class Order Hall Spoiler]I don't get it why we didn't face with our actions's consequences yet.-We went to Orgrimmar and disturbed one of the important General of the Orcs and raised him as an Undead. As I know it's one of the most disrespectful actions for Orcs and their traditions.-We infiltrated to the Undercity and let escape to Banshee Queen's special prisoner.-I am not sure but there should be something about Thoras Trollbane and High Inquisitor Whitemane but I know their situation is a bit different and they don't have powerful allies as much as others.ANDWe attacked to the Light Hope Chapel and killed a lot of Paladin and tried to steel their Highlord's body for raise him as an Undead.It is 7.2.5 and it will be nearly 7.3 there is nothing from them yet.