World of Warcraft Beta Maps up to Cataclysm

VideoI have made another video showing the development of World of Warcraft zones, this time using the worldmaps (drawn in-game map images). I have manually downloaded about 40 versions of the game, from vanilla to Cataclysm, and extracted the images from all of them. In this video, they are shown chronologically for each zone, up to Cataclysm. Rendered maps of the zones are also included, like they appeared in the game.I found many of these maps particularly interesting, especially Outland and Northrend maps, which show some interesting changes in art style. Alpha vanilla maps are also nice to see for the differences in development. Some other points include that separate Cataclysm maps for Alterac and Hillsbrad were done before merging the zones, and the alpha version of Wrath of the Lich King's Azeroth map uses the old Eastern Kingdoms map (with the Stranglethorn islands and Stormwind peninsula), while including Quel'Thalas (forgetting the Quel'Danas isle).I have also included the link to download all these maps in the video description.