WoW has made my daughter want to learn math!

My daughter is five and is starting kindergarten in august. She loves to watch me play games and I'll let her tool around with them as well sometimes.She also has a hard time staying motivated for very long at home when it comes to learning important things. She gets bored easily and then wants to go play. Typical five year old lol.Yesterday I was questing around Mt Hyjal, I was doing some quest about collecting eggs, I needed 8 of them. She comes in and starts asking me what I'm doing and I explain I'm collecting eggs! I said I have 3 and how many more do I need?I guess it sparked her interest that I'm using the same math I've been trying to get her to learn in this super cool game. Her and I ran around doing the math as we went and once I logged off she wanted to learn more and practice it more!So, thanks to WoW, my daughter realizes how important basic math is. Thanks to blizzard for having her see how it can be fun!