Blizzard, for everyone's sanity, please change the Dire Beast whistle sound

I just did my first bit of group content today with my new Gnome Hunter and the whistle sound for Dire Beast is just too much. Dire Beast has a base 12 second cooldown with a 20% (35% if talented) chance to reset on auto-attacks, meaning at best you hear that sound every 12 seconds but more realistically it'll be far more often than that. I had a moment just earlier where I got off three Dire Beast in short order and it's enough to make your ears want to bleed. It's simply put too distinct of a sound for an ability that is used so often.What's worse is that it makes me not want to press the button, even though I have to because it's a core ability that you have to use if you want to do acceptable damage. But now I don't want to press it because I don't want to ruin other people's enjoyment of the game, and that's just screwed up.There are addons you can use and other methods to mute the sound, but this of course only helps yourself. You'll still be an annoyance to everyone else, and people get kicked out of groups for less.