Poll Results: Most/Least Enjoyable classes and specs of the Pre-Patch

FOR RAW DATA, CLICK HERE: MOST ENJOYABLE | LEAST ENJOYABLE | ALL RAW DATA SPREADSHEETEdit: Added % Favorite as a column in the spreadsheet, to show what percentage of players who voted for a spec chose it as their favoriteI ran a casual poll ( link is here, will update at 1000 responses ) yesterday to get a general idea of how the community feels about the current Classes/Specs in the Pre-Patch, so here are the results of that poll.Methodology: Participants answered 2 questions which asked their opinion on the MOST Enjoyable Spec and LEAST Enjoyable Spec in the current Pre-Patch; all class/spec options were listed for each question.Analyses were completed in 3 ways: A rank-order view of all votes for MOST Enjoyable, a rank-order view of all votes for LEAST Enjoyable, and then a rank-order view of the Net Enjoyability score (number of votes for Most enjoyable – number of votes for Least enjoyable = Net enjoyability).Top 5 “Most Enjoyable” Specs (receiving the most votes for Most Enjoyable):UnholyWindwalkerFury Updated: FireEnhancement Updated: FuryFire Updated: EnhancementTop 5 Net “Most Enjoyable” Specs (Most Enjoyable votes minus Least Enjoyable votes):UnholyFireWindwalkerFuryEnhancementBottom 5 “Most Enjoyable” Specs (receiving the fewest votes for Most Enjoyable):Holy (Paladin)DestructionProtection (Paladin)BrewmasterRestoration (Shaman)Bottom 5 Net “Most Enjoyable” Specs (receiving the most negative Net score):Retribution (by a LOT)MarksmanshipBeast MasteryDestructionArms Updated: DisciplineTop 5 “Least Enjoyable” Specs (receiving the most votes for Least Enjoyable):RetributionMarksmanshipBeast MasteryArms Updated: DestructionDestruction Updated: ArmsBottom 5 “Least Enjoyable” Specs (receiving the fewest votes for Least Enjoyable):GuardianWindwalkerFireSubtletyHoly (Paladin)Top 3 Net “Most Enjoyable” Classes:Death KnightMonkRogueBottom 3 Net “Most Enjoyable” Classes:Paladin (by a LOT)HunterWarlockTop 5 Classes in terms of total vote frequency (whether good or bad):HunterPaladinDeath KnightWarriorMageWorst of the Worst:Retribution had significantly more votes for “Least Enjoyable” than any other spec. Paladins in general had the lowest class enjoyability, largely due to Ret – but all 3 specs had a negative Net score (meaning more votes for Least Enjoyable than votes for Most Enjoyable).Warlocks and Hunters were the only other classes with an overall negative Net score when combining the scores of all 3 specs, although Survival actually had a small positive Net score on its own. Destruction and Marksmanship were the lowest rated specs for Warlocks and Hunters, respectively.Interestingly, Hunters received the most votes overall and had 2 specs in the bottom 5.Best of the Best:Unholy Death Knights stood out with the most votes for Most Enjoyable and the highest Net score of any spec. Death Knights, as a class, also had the highest Net score, but it was largely due to Unholy’s popularity since Blood and Frost (DK) both only had small positive net scores.Windwalkers, and Monks in general, came in second for Raw and Net scores, but the class success was due entirely to Windwalker as Mistweaver was entirely neutral and Brewmaster was pretty negative.Finally, Fury came in 3rd for specs, while Rogues came in 3rd for classes (with all 3 specs receiving positive Net totals, Outlaw > Assassination > Subtlety)Love or Hate:These guys ended up with neutral/almost-neutral Net scores, meaning they received about the same amount of votes for Most Enjoyable as they did for Least Enjoyable – implying players are divided pretty clearly.Neutral specs – Mistweaver, Holy (Priest), SubtletyNeutral Classes – Priest, Druid (you could say the Druid scores were quite… balanced)Edited to Add Rank Order in terms of Percentages:In terms of how many votes were positive/negative as a percentage, here are the rankings:Fire at 91.18%Windwalker at 89.86%Fury at 87.14%Enhancement at 86.44%Unholy at 83.87%And the bottom 5:Destruction at 8.82%Retribution at 11.72%Holy (Paladin) at 12.5%Discipline at 21.88%Arcane at 22.58%FOR RAW DATA, CLICK HERE: MOST ENJOYABLE | LEAST ENJOYABLE | ALL RAW DATA SPREADSHEETDisclaimer: This survey is limited to the perceptions of classes/specs during pre-patch; it is important to remember that the class changes were not designed or balanced for lvl 100 WoD, but rather lvl 110 in Legion with Artifacts. Right now, without artifacts, all classes are effectively incomplete. Remember that some classes rely more heavily on their artifacts than others, Balance Druid for example. This analysis is not intended to predict class balance or enjoyability in Legion.Potential Methodology Flaws: I wanted to include this section to address some concerns in the methodology. First, because many players tend to only have 1 or 2 characters at max level to test, some responses will naturally be more biased/limited than others. Second, while the sample size is actually quite decent for a casual survey like this, it is very small compared to the greater WoW playerbase and so is likely not representative of the community at large. Finally, as mentioned in the disclaimer, this survey specifically looks at the content as we have it right now - meaning we are missing important components, like artifact weapons and lvl 110.