Blizzard, please don't remove the Action Cam for all of us.

According to this post, Blizzard plans to remove the Action Cam on August 1st, to be reimplemented in a later patch with more polish.I'm hardly the first person to say this, but I think that this is a huge mistake. Like many of you, I was really looking forward to utiliziing the Action Cam while leveling in order to increase my own immersion. I did, however, plan to keep it off for most endgame content, in order to remain competitive.That gives us a couple of weeks, at most, to use the Action Cam to its fullest extent while we level. Even if they bring it back later, we'll have missed the opportunity to experience the Broken Isles from this new, immersive perspective for the first time. After that, it will merely be a gimmick to change up content that we've already experienced.Please, Blizzard. There are other solutions other than outright disabling it for everyone. One off the top of my head might be to put it into the interface options with a disclaimer that says "EXPERIMENTAL - may cause motion sickness." This would suit players who enabled it accidentally, while allowing the rest of us to access it the traditional way.Not to mention the work that /u/Mpstark has put into the DynamicCam addon over the last few months.We all knew that it was a beta feature. We knew that it might go away at some point. However, Blizzard has now said that they intended to leave it, until a minority of players started complaining of motion sickness.Blizzard, let the rest of us experience the Broken Isles in a way that we have never experienced WoW before. Let us be immersed in your world in the way that we've been hoping to be. Few features have gotten people as excited as this one, and it's a shame to let it go to waste by missing the first days of the new expansion - the most memorable days for many players, which we only get once every few years.