FYI, you can now skip the first 6 bosses of Ulduar and just kill the Keepers and Yogg.

Today I found out that if you click on the transporter pad before starting the Flame Leviathan event, you can now select 'Ulduar Tram' as the (only) destination, and that will take you in to Mimiron's area. You can then take the tram to him, kill him, then port back from Spark of Imagination to the Tram area. From there you can simply walk out into the main area of Ulduar, deal with the rest of the Keepers and Auriaya, and kill Yogg. You get 0 lights in the Darkness, etc as normal, however you cannot access the first 6 bosses without either porting out or dying.For people farming Val'anyr, this isn't so useful, but for those farming Mimiron's Head off of Yogg, this should save some time.