Before Cross Realm, did your realm have well known person? What was he/she known for?

So as the title asks, did (or does) your realm have a famous person, that everyone knew?My realm (Ravenholdt EU) used to have a PvP guild called Dark Saints, led by a Human Warrior called Parashade (and his rDruid pockethealer). They were the Alliance biggest WPvP guild and they would do frequent raids all over Azeroth. But this guy, also known for pure banter and trashtalk on the realm forums, would attack ANYONE, no matter if you were in a group or not. If you saw Parashade out and about, you would get attacked, and he was quite skilled as well so you would die.When WPvP raids were formed, we always knew that no matter where we were, Dark Saints would show up. So as soon as they did, Parashade was highest on the kill list. After that his pockethealer rDruid (don't remember name), and his "right hand", Dwarf Warrior Borringen. Dark Saints led by Parashade vs Azeroth was frequent. Good times.What are your stories?