I hope Blizzard does get rid of titanforging/warforging.

Not because I hate the system, I don't. I love it, it's probably one of my favorite changes because the thrill of getting better loot is forever there. The issue is that it leaves such a large window for dunning-kruger. You see, back in the day before this was added, if your guild was disenchanting all the loot from the highest difficulty raid, and you STILL couldn't get past that one boss. It wasn't because rngesus wasn't smiling upon you with phat loot. It was because you guys weren't good enough. Maybe your entire guild wasn't performing up to par and you had to wait for the nerfs to roll out, maybe it was because you insisted on bringing that one guy that couldn't pull 300k dps but he brought food and flasks for everyone and you felt bad for kicking him, maybe it was because of that one stupid holy paladin that tunnel visioned every fight and died. But it was safe to say it wasn't because there's this huge conspiracy that Blizzard designed the game entirely around 1% chance upgrades. But since it's there, no one wants to admit their guild needs to either change its roster because some people aren't pulling their weight, or they need to spend more time progressing on the boss they're stuck on, instead of farming easy difficulties praying.