Ongoing issues with Oceanic servers - 5th day

For those not in the loop, the Oceanic servers have had a massive issue since Wednesday - any instanced activities such as Raids or Dungeons have been rerouted from Australian servers to US. Now, this would be fine if it was a simple rise in ping, we'd have no issue. However there has been bad packet loss and disconnections as well.There has been a large amount of people trying to get Blizzards attention about this, either over Twitter or their Forums and there has been very little information by Blizzard, and past an acknowledgement, and at this point it really seems like they're ignoring this situation until it goes away. The only "fix" was to instance sit 1-2 hours before raid...until every other guild caught onto this and did the same.This has prevented a lot of guilds from raiding, and even M+ is barely an option at the moment, our guild also had to bail on a night of raiding since everyone had a ping of 500+. We have no where else to turn since even the GMs have no idea what is going on, and I am hoping that more exposure on Reddit or even any other Social Media means more attention about this from Blizzard, since this has really set a lot of people back and this treatment about it from Blizzard is just really poor.