TellMeWhen Rotation Profiles for ALL SPECS w/Download Links

Hey all! I just finished updating all of my profiles using user feedback, class research and playtesting over the last few weeks since the start of Nighthold.If you aren't aware of it, I have been making class profiles for all specializations that tell you important information in the center of your screen and also show what the ideal rotation for your spec is right in the middle of it all!New to this wave of updates is the inclusion of new rotations for Death Knight, Monk and Warrior tank specs as well as the ability to now toggle whether the profile shows in combat regardless of targets.Large tweaks and adjustments have been made to several healer profiles as well that should increase your effectiveness and efficiency by displaying information cleaner with less clutter.You can find links to video examples and profile download links below.Death Knight -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkDemon Hunter -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkDruid -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkHunter -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkMage -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkMonk -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkPaladin -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkPriest -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkRogue -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkShaman -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkWarlock -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkWarrior -- Video Preview -- Profile LinkSome of the profiles have been changed more heavily than others and may not resemble what is seen in the footage exactly, but the principle behind each is the same.You can see the changes made to each profile and keep up to date by visiting can also direct feedback to me directly via YouTube or TwitterI want to stress that the videos above are of an older version of the profiles made at the beginning of this patch. Many have been drastically changed and modified to be more accurate and track more vital information. Please keep that in mind and use the videos as a way to understand the principle of what the profiles are for and as an example of them in actionAs always I hope you all find these profiles useful and feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions here or on the links posted above!