The quest to defeat Tur'xoran

So, I finally got my Level 3 dreamleaf item. I was so thrilled! Headed straight to the guy to get my spell.But wait, I need to do a quest! No worry, my level 108 demon hunter hasn't run into any major hurdles yet...Until Tur'xoran.In case you didn't know, Tur'xoran is one of the most unabashedly aggressive NPC's in all of WoW. He is so aggressive that if he kills you, he will not despawn, and he will continue to run around frantically until he finds someone else to kill. Spamming his all caps /yell emote,too.So aggressive that, believe me on this, he will actually aggro your spirit as you run back to your corpse. I'm serious. He tries to attack your fucking spirit.So I can't really kill him with my Metamorphasis and spells, and he absolutely refuses to de-aggro me. My solution to this? Kite him into the guards at the closest town! So I go...Eventually, he seems to reach his leash limit so he's sort of half-bugged out in Evade mode but still aggroing me when I get too close (~30 yards for this monster). Another note: this guy literally couldn't care less about Shadowmeld. He just runs up and hits you just like you were visible.Well, I'm at 20% health from running through all the mobs and I run into a mage farming some mobs. "HELP" I whisper him and promptly invite him into my group. Well, he didn't hesitate one bit, and he pops Bloodlust and I pop Meta and we tear Tur'xoran a new one. Actually thinking back it was still sort of a hard fight, it ended with me running around at 10% health like a chicken with no head and the mage really laying it into Tur'xoran while I spammed Throw Glaive.Cheers buddy and just a warning to heed to those out there doubting my tale: do not fuck with Tur'xoran