Upper 860's are kind of a no mans land gear wise in the game right now IMO.

Unless your in a guild that does older content / alt raids I really feel like the upper 860's is a real no mans land gear wise.Your high enough that most of the lfr / normal en / M+ you will get invited to unless you get a good titan forge your not getting much or anything better gear wise. And until you break that 870 hump your not likely to be able to get into a pug TOV or heroic EN / a couple more levels of M+So if your unguided by being a late arrival or starting fresh that's the hump to get over if your trying to get high enough to get into a guild that is willing to help do some gearing when they are looking for new blood.But I also guess on the flip side unless you are not interested in doing any relevant content upper 860's is more then enough to do what most casual players will be doing.