Who is the "She" Gul'dan Refers to in Nighthold?

So it's been bothering me for a bit and I can't seem to find any info on it so I thought I'd just ask here.During the Gul'dan fight in The Nighthold, for Horde raids he goes on about how "The Horde will be turned to dust..." blah blah, but then he says this:"In the end, death will inherit this world...and she will be waiting."Who is the she he is referring to? At first it might seem like Sylvanas...but since he's talking about the horde being obliterated, I'm not so sure? If taken in the same context as his Alliance equivalent dialogue, about "The boy king" serving him, does he mean we, the horde, would die and be raised to serve through Sylvanas?Or is the "she" being referred to another character? Maybe...Jaina? ;0Interested to know other peoples' thoughts, or if there is a definitive answer that I'm just missing.Thanks!