Would Garrosh really had lost to Cairne if it wasn't for the poison?

I was reading a story about Vol'Jin in his youth and there is a segment in which he is granted a vision of the duel between Garrosh and Cairne. It said at one point thatThe brown orc bled from several wounds, while the tauren was untouched.But thenAs Vol’jin watched, the orc brought his axe down in a great arc, the weapon letting out a wild shriek as the air whistled through grooves cut along the side. The tauren held his spear up in a parry, but it was not enough: the axe shattered the spear, grazing the tauren.So, the blow that poisoned Cairne (and the only blow Garrosh managed to land on him) had also shattered his runespear. Now, I know Garrosh had several bleeding wounds, but I believe that wounds and pain would send an orc warrior berzerk, making them fight with extreme aggression (and lack of thought too)But still, Cairne is now weaponless. And defenseless since they were only wearing loincloths. I don't think he could use half a spear efficiently.Even if Garrosh was hurt, couldn't he finish off the unarmed tauren? He still had his Gorehowl, so there's an advantage.Also, I am aware that tauren are bigger and probably stronger, but Garrosh is an orc, and I don't think orcs are that much weaker than taurenWhat are your thoughts on this? Every discussion I've read about this excluded the shattered weapon and blamed Garrosh's victory on the poison. But couldn't he win without it, given the situation above?Edit: As it was pointed out, Cairne's weapon might still have been usable in combat after the fight. Given it's construction, it could make a one-handed axe of sorts if broken around the middle.